I was blessed to have been born and raised in the richest country on earth.  Opportunities were limitless and I had many choices as a young man for a career path.

I wasn’t born into a rich family.  My father was a pastor in a small church in North Carolina.  But he worked hard and we always had food on the table.  Every Wednesday night after our prayer meeting, a faithful church lady would place two gallons of fresh milk in our car.  Seasonally, we would get fresh vegetables and meat.  God was faithful to meet all our needs.

After high school, I had many choices of career paths and schools I could to attend.  My mother worked as a nurse and “carried bed pans” to keep me in school.  Her tireless work  plus scholarships and on campus jobs allowed me to attend college and a university for graduate study. I delivered pizzas and sold vacuum cleaners, door to door. Those were difficult days but I was blessed with many opportunities to better myself.

Perhaps that is why I have an undying burden for young people in Haiti.  Because of where they were born, they face limited choices and challenging futures.  And it’s not their fault.  None of us can choose where we were born.  But many of these young people have the intelligence and drive to become productive members of their community and create good lives for themselves and their families.  All they need is help.

According to Haitian law, when an orphan becomes 18, they are to leave the orphanage and find another place to live.  But where do they go?  Unfortunately, out of desperation, many young girls turn to the streets to survive.  Young men and women do “whatever is necessary” to buy food and find a place to sleep. It’s a heart-riveting reality in Haiti.

Career Hope Initiative is a program of Child Hope Worldwide Inc that provides vocational training for young people to give them a chance at getting a decent job.  In Haiti, if you don’t have a skill, you don’t work.  In addition, a command of the English language opens more opportunities in hotels, banks, airports and government organizations.

Through CHI, we place young people in vocational and English language schools.  We cover their  tuition and material, transportation and housing costs.  We work with approved, established institutions that have a reputation of giving students effective tools to successfully prepare them for employment.  When they graduate, we help them in the job search process.

We are dedicated to giving these young men and women a chance at a better life.  We are dedicated to giving “hope to the hopeless”.

“When you shall eat of the fruit of your hands, You will be happy and it will be well with you.” Psalm 128:2

C. Thomas Murphy, President
Child Hope Worldwide, Inc.