As of April 15, there are 37 reported cases of Coronavirus in Haiti and 3 deaths.  For a population of 11 million, those are very good statistics.  However, with limited testing kits, the real number of cases is unknown.

We continue to pray that God will protect our kids and all the great people of Haiti.  With the everyday challenges the Haitian people face, a virus epidemic would prove unmanageable and disastrous.  While the Haitian government is taking action to protect its people, only God can keep them from harm.

We have sent masks, gloves and alcohol wipes to the orphanage but shipping and custom delays are problematic.  Visitors to the orphanage are restricted and we are taking every precaution to protect our kids.

Please continue to support us with your donations and prayer.  Food prices continue to rise and we need all the help we can get to keep our children fed and secure.

C Thomas Murphy, President
Child Hope Worldwide Inc