We are delighted to announce the appointment of Sheillah Ainembabazi, as our givenet.org cause representative in Uganda.  We receive many requests for financial aid and it is necessary to vet those asking for help.  We are here to support children and adults who are in severe need of financial assistance.

All requests coming from Uganda will be forward to Sheillah and, when possible, she will visit with the applicant in their home.  She will then disperse funds as needed.
During the past two days, Sheillah visited Namatovu, an 84 year old lady, who was sleeping on her floor.  We gave her a new mattress, carpet, plates, cups and food.  Sheillah also helped her take a shower and dressed her in a colorful new dress.
The day before, Sheillah visited Kaddu Junior, a 7 year old boy who lives in a one room shack with his two sisters.  They have no parents and on one to care for them.  We gave them food and medicine and will continue to care for them.
Your generosity is vital to our work in Haiti and Uganda.  Please join us in giving hope to the hopeless.
C Thomas Murphy, president