For most of us the New Year represents new opportunities, new prospects and NEW HOPE. We tend to forget the events and challenges of the previous year and focus on positive exceptions of prosperity and happiness. America is still the land of opportunity even in the midst of unforeseen challenges and disappointing expectations.

But for millions of people who live in poverty stricken countries, the New Year is just another time of pain and suffering. They are powerless to change their circumstances and face each day hoping for the basics of life. There is nothing “new” about their New Year. It’s just another season of hopelessness.

If we, who are blessed and fortunate enough to be born in a land of opportunity, don’t step up and help our fellow man, who will? We can’t simply ignore the desperate plight of those less fortunate.

Child Hope Worldwide, Inc is dedicated to helping children, young people, the elderly and all who are suffering from extreme poverty and neglect. We support mission efforts in Haiti, Africa and at home and work to give hope to the hopeless.

Please visit our website and share in our ministry work. In giving, we receive and the joy and satisfaction of helping others truly blesses each on of us.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity.

C. Thomas Murphy, President