Dear TOM
Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
It has taken some time without communicating with you due to coronavirus infection in Uganda.
All of us are in total fear because of the second wave of coronavirus infection and has killed more than 1800 people in all parts of Uganda.
The Government has put a total lockdown and there is no movement of people from one District to another since June up to date. There is no education and all children are at home suffering with their parents and guardians.
The worst situation is that there is sunshine since May and has destroyed all food crops especially from the Northern part of Uganda. People don’t have food to eat and has affected mostly the orphans, abandoned children, vulnerable children the elderly and widows among others.
There is another third wave of coronavirus coming and we are very worried about it and we don’t know what to do. Many people are infected with coronavirus and all Hospitals are full with coronavirus patients in Uganda.
However God the Almighty is always keeping and guiding us and protecting us from all those calamities and has the authorities to cure and heal.
I and our board members are praying to God the Almighty to keep on guiding and protecting you with your team from coronavirus and we do also pray for other people affected by the coronavirus to recover very fast and have a normal life in USA here.
May God the Almighty protect and guide all of us until you will one day come to see us because the community of Barr sub-county are waiting to see you and pray with you when coronavirus can’t stop people from traveling.
Yours faithfully
Rev. David