It is a great blessing to have an amazing supportive team like you under the Leadership of Tom Murphy
in response to our calls in creating a conducive learning and/or Teaching environment. came in handy when our 8 permanent classrooms appeared dilapidated or deserted structures
due Covid 19 while kids were a way, they were almost getting destroyed & about to collapse due to
heavy rains.
When I approached on behalf of our school, to support us in giving a new face to our school
structures, it was timely with no strings attached. We did plastering!
To everyone who has contributed in one way or the other in ensuring conducive learning environment for
a Curtin child, thanks a bunch! We are humbled by your love and support.
It’s always a joy seeing smiles all over the faces of our while in classes knowing that you are the reason
for such.
I and Curtin Child Learning Center (CLICCS) community are indebted to our supporters under and The President Tom Murphy for the timely invaluable support to our school.
May God reward you richly to see heavenly doors open for you always.