Dear TOM
Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The corona virus infections in Uganda has reduced and many patients have healed and gone back to normal life. Almost all hospitals in the country are empty and no new cases reported by the government.
The government has reopened the lock down in the country and people are beginning to travel although with some restrictions.
The government is planning to reopen the schools in Uganda within this month but we don’t have any classrooms to train theses orphans and abandoned children because the classrooms are not yet roofed and the two toilets including plastering, painting, purchasing furniture for the classrooms and an office.
Now there has been too much sunshine since May this year in Northern Uganda and has burnt all food staffs and has worsened the condition especially the orphans and the abandoner children.
The children of God are crying every day to us for help but we don’t have any means of helping them. They look very weak, meek, desperate and sick. All these orphans and abandoned children need emergency help from us. All of them come to us every day for help but we have nothing to give them. Please kindly assist us in order to rescue these children of God.
Therefore it is my personal and humble request to you to assist us with any  funds you have so that we can finish roofing the classrooms and the two toilets so that by the time the government will reopen the schools in the country this month, we shall have finished roofing and only remaining with registering them for learning and training them in vocational skills in order to be self reliant in the community.
I do pray to the God the Almighty to continue protecting you from corona virus, guide you and bless you until one day you will come and pray with us here at Barr Christian vocational center and see for your self the blessed and the good heart you have for helping the children of God world wide.
Yours faithfully
Rev. David Okello Amuca
Chairman Board of Trustees
Barr Christian vocational center