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Director Rev. David Okello Amuca is the chairmen of the board of trustees.


We Support the Barr Christian Vocational Center,

Barr Christian vocational center is an Anglican church charity, based in Ayira parish, Barr sub-county, Lira District, 12 km east of Lira town - Aloi road, Northern Uganda.

Barr needs funding for the construction of three classrooms that will increase the intake of the orphans and vulnerable children from 20 to 150.

Barr is training 20 orphans under the trees in the compound of the church, and when it is raining they send them home.

Barr has acquired 30 acres of customary land ready for the construction of the vocational training center and charitable work. The community, especially the orphans and vulnerable children, have burnt 8 000 clay bricks ready for the construction of the building.

Barr needs funds for building materials such as iron sheets, timbers, bags of cement, paints, metallic doors and windows among others and transportation of materials to the building site.

Their children are crying for help but they don't have any means of helping them. They don't have food to eat, no clothes to put on, no sleeping materials and no education at all among others.

Barr is humbly requesting assistance with funds so that they can achieve their objectives of helping the orphans, vulnerable children, school dropouts and the community of Barr sub-county out of poverty.



Little work has been done as far as HIV/AIDS testing is concerned because of lack of funds and we pray that if we could get funds from donors then we can be in a position to mobilize the mothers, women and men including children to go to the seven sub health centers of Barr sub county to be tested for HIV . Testing will involve women of child bearing age, pregnant mothers, lactating mothers and children aged five years and below because there is no intervention which has been done and many children are dying without diagnosing the cause of death affecting the children. During the routine visits to the seven sub health centers of Barr sub county by our six volunteers to find out how the project can best help and benefit the community with HIV /AIDS prevention and also promote PMCTC, we found out that there is no intervention of testing for HIV from women and children aged five years and below and has led to total suffering of children and their mothers. We found that the services of
testing the pregnant and lactating mothers are inadequate and it needed an urgent intervention from donors if we are to improve the condition of these mothers and children of Barr sub county among others. According to the statistics from the department of antenatal care from the seven sub health centers in the seven parishes of Barr sub county for the last three years , the number of mothers who are HIV positive are 143,126, 110,132,117,122 and 129 respectively compared to the total population of Barr sub county at 42 000 people. For children the numbers are 121, 158,100, 133,147,131 and 128 respectively. This is far much below according to the total numbers of people in each parish and therefore there is need to intervene. According to the sub health Center Heads in the seven parishes of Barr sub county, the number of mothers who attend / come to the health centers would have been very high but because of very poor mobilization in the villages and parishes, most mother tend to prefer to deliver in the villages with the assistance of traditional birth attendants other than coming to the Health Centers because of long distances involved, poor services at the Health Centers and lack of funds for transport involved.

Estimated budget for the intervention is $ 6000.

There is a lot of work to be done to promote women and children’s right in the community because there is too much abuse of women’s rights as far as gender based violence, sexual violence and physical violence against women are concerned and
children’s rights are not protected at all. Children have been tortured daily by their parents and guardians. Children do a lot of hard labour, children are denied food, others are not going to school especially girls, and others have no clothes to put on and no health care for the children among others. Therefore we need funding to sensitize the parish development committee members and local council chairpersons about the importance of protecting the children’s rights and women so that their rights are not abused.

Estimated cost for the intervention is $ 2,500.

Our aims and objectives for the next three years, that is 2020, 2021 and 2022 are laid down as below, and we need funds in order to implement them, because women are the back bone of community development in each homestead.

  • Mobilizing 80 women in the community of Ayira parish to participate in
    development programs and projects.
  • Training of 80 women in order to improve their social economic status.
  • Advocating for and promoting the interests and human rights of the
    disadvantaged 80 women in the community.
  • Conducting training in literacy and income generating activities for the 80
  • Encouraging and promoting equal participation of 80 women in development.
  • Monitoring and evaluating development programs and projects for 80 women in
    the community.
  •  Building the capacity of 80 women within the community to initiate and manage
    development projects.
  • Protecting and promoting women’s human rights.
  • Mobilize support for the 80 women’s rights at grassroots level through
    networking and empowerment of community based organization.
  • Training them on harmful traditional practices and forms of violence against
    women which infringe their basic human rights.
  • Giving the 80 women seed money for startup capital after the training

Estimated cost for the intervention is $ 5000.

4) Girl child emancipation

We must have a deliberate initiative to assist the girl child, increase their feeling of
belonging and encourage them to finish school and get better life. We can succeed if we
get funds and mobilize men and women in the community by organizing workshops for
village and parish leaders training in the following topics listed down.


The main aims and objectives of the training will focus on the following;
To enhance the emotional well-being and intellectual growth of girls to become productive and responsible adults in their future within a learning environment that fosters no bias in attitudes towards the role of the female in the society.


  • To educate the girl child on the importance of hygiene and education in total.
  • To reduce early school dropout in primary and secondary education.
  • To encourage girls to feel positive and not segregated from normal life and
    community duties.
  •  To encourage through community education that will make them feel confident
    and sure of themselves.
  • To reach out to the community and make them aware of the importance of girl
    child education.
  • To teach girl child on diseases related to sexual intercourse and how to prevent
    such cases of early pregnancies.
  • To improve on hygiene issues of the community putting into account the girl
  • Reduction of early school dropout of girl child due to inaccessibility of school
  • Giving girl child a priority in development matters of the community.

The main focus of training these community leaders will be following.

  • Low school enrollment and high school dropouts especially girls.
  • Venerable to trafficking, child labor and child marriage.
  • Abuse, exploitation and violence.
  • Domestic chores
  • Looking after siblings
  • Restrictions on mobility and play
  • Discrimination in overall treatment and parental care
  • Early child bearing mobility and mortality
  • Poor/ access/ denial to information and services
  •  Heavy domestic work including community long distances to collect firewood /
    drinking water.
  • Unpaid and unrecognized work and drudgery
  • No voice either in-home or society.

Parents do not want to send their daughter to school and they always force them to get early marriage as early as 14 years of age. Therefore a lot of effort is needed to sensitize the community about the importance of girl child education and donors should also come to support us in order to educate these girls. There are many orphans and school dropouts especially children whose parents died of HIV/AIDS or due to the Lord’s resistance army rebellion in Northern Uganda which killed many adults men and women and therefore these girls need help from donors in order to support them to be training in vocation skills and become self-reliant in the community .

Estimated cost for the intervention is $ 4000.


We have well trained tutors with Higher Diploma in Tailoring, Brick laying and Carpentry and they are offering very good services to the students. There are two male tutors and two female tutors who are volunteers and are just facilitated. There are many more tutors who are willing to come and train the students in different courses, but due to lack of classrooms and our financial constraints, we cannot recruit them to come and teach. However if the three classrooms are constructed then the intake of orphans will increase from the current 20 to 150 We need some motivated allowance to our four tutors.

Estimated cost for their incentives is $ 3000.


Needs and Projects:

$25,000 for True Hope Academy Building Construction

Received to date:

$2000 - $23,000 Needed



Lira District, Aloi road, Northern Uganda

C/O P.O Box 23762,
Kampala, Uganda (East Africa)

Tel +256 786 166 055