Curtin Child Learning Centre (CLICCs) Kampala, Uganda, Africa

A Community based Primary & Nursery school set to nurture & train rural children attain basic Quality Education alongside elementary vocational and/or Entrepreneurship skills.

Curtin Child Learning Centre(CLICCs) is a community based primary school set up to aid the kids of the rural parent in Nakasenyi Lwebitakuli Sembabule Uganda attain basic Quality Education like their counter parts in urban set up. The school aims to set up facilities that can accommodate at least 2000 kid population from Nursery up to Primary Seven. We currently have an enrollment of over 500 kids up to Primary Six ,every year, we add class, slowly doing our things in Sustainable manner .Since resources are never enough, we plan to set an Apiary project with 50 modern bee hives& produce honey whose proceeds will help us in shielding operational costs since parents contribution is not enough to cover all expenses. We provide breakfast & scholastic materials to all kids at no cost. Thus the school Motto, 'We Raise A child''. Our core Values at CLICCs are summarized as GOD-TEP(God Fearing, Discipline, Time managers& Productive Citizens.

We currently have over 500 kids having began our operations in Jan 2017.We are pretty sure to enroll at least 2000 kids in a span of three to six years up to primary seven.