Frimpong Lovia

Meet Frimpong Lovia.

Frimpong is from Ghana, Africa and attends the Kwami Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.  She is majoring in Business Administration with a speciation in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.  She wants to be a Logistics Manager when she graduates.

She is approaching her senior year in the undergraduate program.  Up until now, she has been about to pay her tuition and boarding fees with the help of her parents.  But she doesn't have the funds for her senior year.  If she cannot raise the money to continue her studies, her three years of undergraduate study will be wasted.

Frimpong needs our help.  Let's make sure she is able to complete her senior year and graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration.

She has worked hard and will be a great asset to her community when she graduates.

Goal: $1200
Received: $600