TESTIMONIALS I’m thankful to God for the life of every person on this platform most especially those who have stood with as one big family sacrificing all you can to make a great impact in many helpless people’s lives,may God remember all your good deeds and reward you according to His Heavenly Riches in…


Erick and Teresa

SUPPORT ERICK AND TERESA Erick Nehme was recently diagnosed with colorectal cancer.  As the primary supporter of his family, Erick’s illness comes as a devastating shock and a crucial challenge for Teresa and their boys. We would like to raise funds to help Teresa & Erick with the unexpected expenses that pile up when a…

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George Mitto

George Mitto – True Hope Resource Center, Kenya, Africa George Mitto is building a Community Resource Center for children and youth in Kisumu, Kenya, Africa.  The Center will house valuable educational resources for the children and youth to study and learn a variety of usable subjects in concluding home construction, agriculture, business and family development.…


Ezer Glamour Fashions – Uganda

EZER GLAMOUR FASHIONS The Uganda rep for, Sheillah, has a fashion background is wants to start a fashion company to raise money for orphans and needy people in her community.  The name of her business is Ezer Glamour Fashions and will manufacture clothing for women and children.  Starting a business is not cheap and we are…


Sheillah Ainembabazi

Sheillah Ainembabazi – Our Representative in Uganda Through our representative, Sheillah, in Uganda, we are helping people in need. Your support helps us continue to bring hope to the hopeless. Please Click “Make a Donation” and specify your gift to go to Sheillah Ainembabazi Uganda MAKE A DONATION This is Namatovu Bint. She…

Our Team

Our Team

OUR TEAM – HAITI Fritz Desir Directors of Family Care Haiti Family Care Haiti was founded by Fritz and Magalie Desir in 2013. Fritz was born in Port-au-Prince and was raised in Port-a-Prince and Jacmel, Haiti. Growing up, Fritz lived with his mother in Cite Soleil, the largest slum in the Western Hemisphere.  Surrounded by…



BLESSING MEDICAL CLINIC BLESSING MEDICAL CLINIC offers free medical services to the people of Jinja, Uganda.   Their expenses are paid for by donations from compassionate individuals and corporations.   Please consider donating to help Nabeeta Fredrick treat the people of Jinja. SUPPORT BLESSING MEDICAL CLINIC

President’s Blog

President’s Blog


Alliance Vision Education Centre

Alliance Vision Education Centre Alliance Vision Education Center is in Nairobi Kenya and serves children and young people with education and vocational training. George Sera writes: “The Ministry of Education in conjunction with the Ministry of Health requires that all learning facilities adhere to the following measures for resumption of classes:” Larger Water tanks Sanitizing…


Charles Mwiriza

Pastor Charles Mwiriza Pastor Charles Mwiriza from Kenya writes: “We help the orphans kids and youth.  The main aim of starting this ministry, we wanted win orphans and youth to Christ through projects and programs.” It’s very difficult starting a ministry in a poverty country.  We appreciate and support individuals like Charles and his desire…

Rosemary Odunga

Rosemary Odunga

Rosemary Odunga Rosemary writes from Mombasa, Kenya: “I would like to get help in order to help the kids to better their lives. Most learners will be able to nurture their talents.” She would like to open a Kindergarten to help children learn to read and write.  Education is the key to a prosperous future…


Frimpong Lovia

Frimpong Lovia Meet Frimpong Lovia. Frimpong is from Ghana, Africa and attends the Kwami Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.  She is majoring in Business Administration with a speciation in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.  She wants to be a Logistics Manager when she graduates. She is approaching her senior year in the undergraduate program.…


Buy A Bike

BUY A BIKE! Very few people in poverty countries own a car.  The most popular means of transportation is a motor bike.   Many young men and women make their living by running a taxi service with their bike. It’s a quick, inexpensive way for people to travel around town.  An owner of a bike can support…

Family Care Haiti

Family Care Haiti

Family Care Haiti Family Care Haiti was founded by Fritz and Magalie Desir in 2013. Fritz was born in Port-au-Prince and was raised in Port-a-Prince and Jacmel, Haiti. He lived with his mother and step-father until the age of 9 at which time he moved to Jacmel to live with his grandmother. He returned to…


Jude Edouard

Jude Edouard   Unite To Save Ministry is a non-profit religious organization. Our purpose is to save the lives of abandoned children living on the streets. Many old men and widows are all alone and we seek to help them in their daily lives. We also take care of the young people who are living…

Michelsen Augustin 27

Michelsen Augustin

Michelsen Augustin   Michelsen Augustin is 27 and lives in Cite Soleil, Haiti, the poorest slum in the Western Hemisphere. Michelsen is a young, aggressive young man who wants to learn a trade and get a good job.  He would like to learn to operate heavy construction equipment in Haiti. Having no income, Michelsen asks…



BARR CHRISTIAN VOCATIONAL CENTER, UGANDA Director Rev. David Okello Amuca is the chairmen of the board of trustees.   We Support the Barr Christian Vocational Center, Uganda Barr Christian vocational center is an Anglican church charity, based in Ayira parish, Barr sub-county, Lira District, 12 km east of Lira town – Aloi road, Northern Uganda. Barr needs funding…



CAREER HOPE INITIATIVE Career Hope Initiative Prior to graduating from True Hope, our students are counseled as to their vocational interest. Upon selecting a career path, we enroll them in a vocational school to learn a viable trade. Students can choose cosmetology, computers and construction trades among other subjects. During their vocational training, CHWW continues…



TRUE HOPE ACADEMY Knowledge is power. An education gives a young man or woman a better chance at achieving success.  In an environment of rampant unemployment, the opportunity is hard to find and must be created. Our goal is to not only provide an education for our young people but also help them find employment…