Fritz Desir
Directors of Family Care Haiti


Family Care Haiti was founded by Fritz and Magalie Desir in 2013. Fritz was born in Port-au-Prince and was raised in Port-a-Prince and Jacmel, Haiti. Growing up, Fritz lived with his mother in Cite Soleil, the largest slum in the Western Hemisphere.  Surrounded by hopelessness and despair, God began to work in Fritz’s life birthing compassion for orphans. As a young man, he successfully oversaw the day-to-day operations of the 50-child orphanage. In 2008. Fritz and Magalie were married and became united in their commitment to rescue abandoned children.  Once again, God was facilitating Fritz to help the starving children of Haiti. The first and primary passion of Fritz and Magalie is to teach and show the love of Jesus Christ and bring orphan children of Haiti to a saving knowledge of the Lord.



Edelyne Augustin
Director, Career Hope Initiative
givenet.org Haitian Coordinator


Edelyne was born in Cite Soleil, Haiti, the largest slum in the Western Hemisphere.  She was raised in two rooms with 6 family members, no running water and no septic system.  Edelyne understands poverty in Haiti and brings a valuable perspective to Child Hope Worldwide Inc.  She is currently the manager at Family Care Haiti, our orphanage in Port au Prince cares for 30 children.  She is familiar with all aspects of running an orphanage and serves as an invaluable source of information.  Edelyne has a heart for the older kids who age out of the orphanage at 18.  She is also Director of Career Hope Initiative and oversees the selection and placement of young men and women in vocational and English school programs.  Her knowledge of institutions in Port au Prince allows her to effectively help our young people build promising careers. 

Venel Ulysse
Principal, True Hope Academy

Venel is a native of Port au Prince and lives in Delmas, Haiti. He is married and has one child. Venel has always had a heart for children and loves being a teacher. He is responsible for the curriculum of True Hope Academy and oversees the teaching staff. We are grateful for Venel and his work for Child Hope Worldwide Inc.



Sheillah Ainembabazi,
Coordinator of Ugandan Causes


Sheilla was born in Sheema District of Uganda and raised in Kampala Central Region. She
attended the Kitante Primary and Buganda Road Primary Schools. Her education continued at Nabisunsa Girls School and Makarere Business School where she received a diploma in Business Management. Being a native of Uganda, Sheillah has a keen perception of the needs of the Ugandan people. She is actively involved in child care and cares for several aged adults. She is knowledgeable of the needs of orphaned children and the elderly and renders psychosocial support, monitors growth and development, food security and health. She actively networks with the local police personnel and child care services planning educational programs and research.

Givenet.org is privileged to have Sheillah on our team. She processes cause submissions from individuals and organizations throughout Uganda and will coordinate our support and progress reports.

barr director

Rev. David Okello Amuca

Rev. Amuca is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Barr Christian Vocational Center in the Lira District of Northern Uganda.  He was born in the Village of Ayria in the same district.  He is married with 5 children.

David received a Certificate in Theology from Gulu Theological College and a Certificate of Recognition from the Barr Sub Grade School.  Rev. Amuca is an ordained reverend in the Barr Anglican Church.

Barr Christian Vocational Center is an Anglican church charity, based in Ayira parish, Barr sub-county, Lira District, 12 km east of Lira town - Aloi road, Northern Uganda.

Some 20 orphans and young adults are in educational programs at Barr.  Rev. Amuca oversees the programs at Barr and we are grateful for his dedication.

Frimpong Lovia
Coordinator of Ghana Causes


Frimpong is from Ghana, Africa, and attends the Kwami Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.  She is majoring in Business Administration with speciation in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.  She wants to be a Logistics Manager when she graduates.

As she was approaching her senior year, her support and run out and she had no funds to complete her education.  She submitted her cause on givenet.org asking for our help.  We were delighted to be able to send $600 to Frimpong to secure her place in the senior class.  She now needs an additional $600 for her tuition and material costs.
Frimpong was very grateful for our help and want’s to work with givenet.org to help others in need in her country. We are delighted to name Frimpong our givenet.org Ghana Coordinator.  She will be responsible for cause requests that come in in her community.