Do you need money?

Are you raising money for a personal crisis or humanitarian cause?

givenet.org is a charitable donation portal which seeks to help those in need of communal support.  Life is full of surprises and sometimes these surprises are more than we can handle alone.  We need to reach out to others for help.

givenet.org is your platform to tell others about your need and ask for help.  Donors give their gifts through givenet.org and we, in turn, forward the funds to you minus a small administrative fee. Simply fill out the submission form and send to givenet.org.  Our staff will review your submission and contact you with more information.  Your information will be held in strict confidence pending your approval.

Our goal is to help you weather the storm and get your life back on track.

Your cause will have its own donation page with info about the specific need, photos, etc. along with an email address yourcause@givenet.org

Your personal link to your cause page will be similar to www.givenet.org/(yourcause)
Example: www.givenet.org/JohnDoeSurgery


By sending this form to givenet.org, you are giving us permission to publish your information on our website. Your cause will be reviewed by our staff and you will receive information as soon as possible. None of your personal information, including but now limited to: name, address, email, and phone, will be shared on the site without your permission.

Upon acceptance, your cause will be published at givenet.org/yourcausename. Donations received for your cause will be forwarded to you less any transfer fees. Your donors will be issued a tax-deductible receipt.

Givenet.org assumes no responsibility for circumstances or effects of your cause. Givenet.org in no way guarantees any funds other than that which is donated specifically for your cause. While givenet.org participates is certain advertising campaigns, it is the responsibility of the cause contact to promote and/or advertise your givenet.org portal. The more people you tell, the greater your response.